We made millions using little-known Growth Hacking techniques

Now we're using them to skyrocket Influencers & Celebrities on BitClout

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We're the first Bitclout-focused agency, behind some of the biggest influencers on the platform

We've been successfully doing this for celebrities, businesses, crypto companies & Public listed companies

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The smartest growth hacking team backed by one of the fastest growing influencers on Bitclout

Our Background

Our team started in the cryptocurrency world, where social media, influencers, and videos were crucial to success. After raising over $2B through 5M+ investors, we took our innovative marketing techniques and expanded them to the equity markets. Our marketing campaigns were based on more up-to-date and dynamic strategies like using social media focused marketing through influencers, videos and investing groups. This has made us able to make our clients stand out in an overly crowded investment environment which made investors choose them all while keeping the old ones hooked and interested!


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Invested 5k

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Invested 5k

Invested 10k

Invested 30k

About Bitclout

With the rise of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency caused money decentralization worldwide. BitClout is the beginning of the decentralization of social media. In fact, BitClout is the first of its kind social media platform powered by blockchain which makes it impossible for the platform to shut down. You can now invest in people and that itself is a major leap from standard stocks and commodities.

The price of a creator coin increases exponentially instead of linearly, particularly during the early stages. Hence, you have to be one of the early birds if you want to really capitalize on this new platform. The prices of coin creators are usually low upon joining, and this is when you should be looking to invest.

How It Works?

Focus on Content:
Post good content that is people-attractive and enjoyable about Bitclout off platform.


Be There and Be Consistent
Make sure to keep your bio up-to-dated with relevant information about yourself. Post between 10 and 20 times daily on any platform including LOTS of images.


Share It!
Share your Bitclout account with your followers on the different social media accounts you use.


Engage to Get Attention
It is important for you to gain insights and traffic on your content via likes, comments or any form of interaction on social media platforms.


Connect with Whales
Try to connect with other people on Bitclout, chat with them, go live with them. Those people will help your account grow or even invest in your personal brand!


Be There for the Long Run
Be committed and make sure your investors know you are in there for the long-run so that they can always get their money’s worth!


Start Conversations on Group Chats
Connect with other people on groups related to Bitclout. Discuss your coin’s value and all your future plans.


Work on the Incentive
Incentivize people to follow you and invest in your coin by creating free deals, live meetups and even giveaways.

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What Are You Waiting For?

This is your chance to be one of the early birds if you want to really capitalize on this new platform. The prices of coin creators are usually low upon joining, and this is when you should be looking to invest. Join us now in taking over the latest platform!